Window Cleaning Services In Finchley N3

We all know how exhausting and time-consuming window cleaning can be. So why not let the window cleaners in Finchley N3 take care of this job for you? They are experienced professionals who know how to work quickly. Your PVC frames need cleaning? You want your windows to sparkle? Or your sills wiped? We can get all of this done at a reasonable rate. Dial 020 7846 0217 and contact us right away!

How The Window Cleaners In Finchley N3 Do Their Job?

If you want to know how the cleaning process will go when you make a booking, just read below:

For external windows:

  • We use water fed pole that can reach up to the forth floor of the house
  • This makes cleaning high windows quicker and more efficient
  • The pole is attached to a water supply placed in the van
  • Water then is pumped from the tank and goes out of the pole
  • This allows us to clean and wash the window

Important: We need parking space within 30 meters and on the same side of the property – otherwise we won’t be able to connect the pole to the water supply tank

For internal windows:

We use traditional squeegees to leave your windows spotless

Cleaning Products The Pros From Finchley N3 Use?

We don’t use any detergents – only purified water. The demineralized water has the ability to go back to its natural state – this allows it to absorb all dirt. Using this way of cleaning your windows can actually remove all previously used detergents and sterilize the window and frame.

Book Window Cleaning In Finchley And Enjoy:

  • Affordable price
  • Available any time – we deliver our service 7 days a week
  • You’re free – you don’t need to be home when we clean – we offer key pick up and delivery
  • Special rates – for booking our service regularly
  • Quality service – appreciated by many, most of our customers become regular

How To Schedule Window Cleaners In Finchley?

Get in touch with us via e-mail, online booking form or with a phone call. You can help us by giving us as much information as possible – the quote you receive will be more accurate.

  1. Number of windows – so we know how long it would take us to get it done
  2. Parking space – we need a parking space near your property (within 30 metres)
  3. Reachable windows – no hidden windows between walls

And any other information you can give us. Don’t forget – customer support is available 24/7 for your convenience. All representatives have rich experience and will help you with the booking.

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